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Why Use Wall Graphics?

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Wall graphics are an excellent advertising medium to promote your company and get your message across. This way you will not require depending on the bus posts and billboards which most people do not give much attention to these days. Hence the need of the hour is choosing something that is striking and different and will right away grab people’s attention. Along with capturing the passerby's attention a good wall graphic can also turn them into consumers. We at Binca Imaging, based in Miami, FL offer these solutions to customers at the best industry rates. Above all we offer customized solutions as per your taste and specifications.


Wall Murals

• It is durable, can stick to just any surface as well as can be removed devoid of damaging the wall

• It is easy to re-position it

• It will work wonders in increasing the impact which you possess on the target audience

• You can save hassle and money by using a wall graphic

• It will help in personalizing your business brand

• Cleaning it is simple. Just wipe with a towel

• For its installation, no skill is needed

• It is cost effective and an excellent aesthetic

• It can be used in the book shelf, mirrors, school bags, toy chest, chubby house, bedroom door and so on

• It comes with a good outdoor life

• These are available in assorted styles and also in customized options

• There is no mess involved

The best part about using a wall graphic is that these can be created in any size and is just ideal for residential use, work space décor, lobby, commercial, advertising and merchandising. Above all it is available in both rough and smooth surfaces as per the need.

Wall Graphic Solutions


Removable Adhesive Vinyl Graphics

Permanent Vinyl Graphics

Rough Surface Graffiti Graphics

Wall Canvas Graphics

Outdoor Temporary Wall Coverings

Fabric Coverings

Smooth Wall Wrap

Textured Wall Wrap

Magnetic Wall Graphics

Acrylic Wall Panels

Custom Wall Coverings

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