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Our Story

Binca was founded over 20 years ago in a 1,000 Sq Ft facility in Doral, FL. As time went on, the daily operation shifted from mostly channel letters with 1 employee, to large format printing with more than 20. Growth has been slow but consistent, never sacrificing quality or turnaround time for profits. This philosophy is what led Binca to where it is today, and will hopefully continue to push the company forward.


When Binca was founded, the main customers were construction companies, local signage brokers, and people with very small, personal vinyl plotter jobs. Now, after taking risks, making mistakes, and going through many learning experiences, the focus has shifted. Binca now services mostly event production companies, well-known brands, retail store front, and large organizations.


Through it all, Binca has become one of the largest and most well-known wide-format printers in South Florida, and finds itself at the forefront of technological advancements in the printing industry.

A Generational, Family-Owned Businesss

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