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Wall Graphics

We create graphics that stand the test of time.

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For any size wall, interior or exterior, and any size print, we have you covered. Wall graphics play a tremendous role in advertising and often can be even more effective than more traditional billboard advertising. Yet, the benefits of such displays often go neglected, unmentioned, and sometimes downright ignored.


Wall Murals

At Binca, we create custom print and dramatic graphics to transform your wall into a work of art, a corporate branding visual or a promotional billboard for either permanent or temporary purposes. Our large inventory of wall media gives you every option to produce the flawless finished product you have in mind.

Acyrlic Posters

Acrylic posters are a particular specialty here at Binca. We harbor a deep passion for producing artistic wall adornments that turn any space into a remarkable space of comfort, luxury, and elegance. The perfect solution for office, home, or art galleries, our acrylic posters turn even mundane walls into murals of captivating artwork.

Our posters are pristine and clear and can be molded to fit any wall or portion of the wall you decide. Whereas most services offer a very limited variety, Binca actually has unlimited options. That’s because the only limit is your imagination.

Wall Graphic Solutions


Removable Adhesive Vinyl Graphics

Permanent Vinyl Graphics

Rough Surface Graffiti Graphics

Wall Canvas Graphics

Outdoor Temporary Wall Coverings

Fabric Coverings

Smooth Wall Wrap

Textured Wall Wrap

Magnetic Wall Graphics

Acrylic Wall Panels

Custom Wall Coverings

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