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Some Good Reasons For Vehicle Wraps

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To own a business is not an easy job and with regards to advertising this job is expensive and time consuming. At times it includes consulting an advertising agency and paying high rates. To be on the safe side, it is best to go with vehicle advertising as it is an effective and affordable means of advertising. This is a mobile world that we are living in and travelers are indeed wide and far, so it is an intelligent step to use a vehicle like a billboard. If you are interested in vehicle wraps give us a call at Binca Imaging Group. People residing in and around Aventura, Doral, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Miami and Miami Beach can make the most of our services.

When you choose us to wrap your vehicles you can enjoy the following sets of benefits namely, Reach a Higher Number of Audience- The truth is vehicle advertising is capable of producing an impressive impression daily.

Go Much Farther- When you put an advertisement in a newspaper it will be there just for a day or mostly a week and the prices are too high. But in case of wraps, it will go much further as it will last for years.

Create a Positive Opinion-A good percentage of people possess a favorable opinion regarding companies when they come across vehicle advertising. They feel that the company is highly successful and established as they are involved in this kind of marketing.

Increase Awareness and Generate a Buzz- Vehicle advertising will create a buzz as well as increase awareness.

Influence the Lucrative Market and Bypass Restrictions- With regards to placing a billboard it comes with a lot of restrictions along with rates and timing. A mobile billboard indeed is an excellent means of breaking free from it. This is a truly effective means of reaching the target audience.

Vehicle Wraps Solutions


​Long Term Vinyl Wraps

Short Term Vinyl Wraps

Micro perforated Window Vinyl

Window Tints

Reflective Vinyls


Paint Protection Clear Films

Architectural Finishes Vehicle Films

Metallic Films

Chrome Films

Carbon Fiber Films

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