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Beacon Tower Shines A Bright Light On Binca's Future 


Binca has collaborated with an incredibly diverse array of companies from FIU to the Ferretti Boat Show. One of our favorite projects thus far has been the Beacon Tower of Aventura. A comprehensive customized project, offered unique challenges and immense gratification.

As we took on the project, we strove to match the design of a modern metropolis and emulate the look and feel of the building’s architecture.


We designed, produced, and installed:

Pre-construction Signs

ADA & Fire Signs

Exterior Signs

Acrylic Wall Artwork

Interior Signage

Wayfinding Signage

We also contributed in large part to the interior design as a whole with large and small vibrant acrylic artwork on every hallway throughout each floor of the building.

The Process

With our goal and deliverables in mind, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. The entire project took four months from the first discussed ideas to the last screw in the wall. After we created the renderings and personalized design for both decorative items and signs, we sought and obtained approval. Absolutely everything was created in-house.


For interior signs like ADA, regulatory and wayfinding, we used multi-layering printing on ACM and acrylic substrates. We installed them with stand-offs to the wall. For exterior signage/channel letter on building facades, we designed sets of front lit channel letters and we installed them to the wall with stand-offs.


For interior decor, we designed metallic logos for each and every floor along with large metallic logo and letters with accents for the lobby area. An average of 40 acrylic signs, including some impressive panoramic graphics, were installed throughout the building.

The Challenge

Despite the project’s success, obstacles often present themselves. For the Beacon Tower, this boiled down to three main things: meeting tight deadlines due to city permits, exterior and interior signage and installation.


Exterior Signage:

This was a major challenge primarily because of the Beacon Tower’s location in Aventura. The building is extremely close to major streets and a stomach wrenching 150 ft above the ground. Normally, we would use cranes, aka high reach booms, to install but that wasn’t an option.

Instead, we put our heads together and used swing stations where installers had to hang down the building like window cleaners. It worked like a charm.


Interior Installation:

When we took on the project, the building was still being constructed. As you can imagine, this threw a wrench into things (think painters, electricians, etc.) so we were not able to install on our normal schedule. As a result, we operated on midnight installations so we could work without getting in anyone else’s way.


Meeting tight deadlines

We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to accommodate our client's needs in order to meet expectations, permiting requirements & deadlines.

The Result

The mix of metallic and acrylic designs was more successful than even we at Binca Imagination Headquarters could conceive. The eye-catching results lead to further projects contracted with the developer and with the Beacon Tower Tenants.

All in all, both the client and us were extremely satisfied with the end product. So much so, we were even hired to work on a second project!


Stay tuned for more updates from us!

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