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Wall graphics

At Binca, we pride ourselves on creating quality wall graphics that stand the test of time and make you proud to represent your business. For any size wall, interior or exterior, and any size print, we have you covered. Wall graphics play a tremendous role in advertising and often can be even more effective than more traditional billboard advertising. Yet, the benefits of such displays often go neglected, unmentioned, and sometimes downright ignored.

Yet, their impact is undeniable. They impress potential clients before your meeting in the conference room with captivating images of vivacious color and intricate patterns.They make children forget they are in the doctor’s waiting room while they look upon some fantastic land, whisking them away from reality. They burn the image of your brand and business into pedestrians strolling by your storefront.

What’s more, wall images are incredibly durable and stand the test of time. Requiring very little maintenance and just the one-time fee of design and installation, they then provide a return on your investment for years to come; and that’s why Binca ensures the wall graphic we produce is the wall graphic you want. Whether you want a completely original design and only have the bare concept skeleton in mind, or you have an exact image you want to replicate with your brand and logo, we execute your project to perfection.

Wall graphics also do not require preparation work. Install them over finished walls and laminates. They stick to any surface and can be removed just as easily without causing any damage whatsoever to the wall beneath. So, should you stick the graphic onto the wall slightly crookedly, you can fix it without repercussions. This also means you can install wall images seasonally if you so choose. Cycle through different graphics to explore different images or install one single wall graphic for years to come. The choice is yours.

Furthermore, wall graphics are incredibly flexible. By no means are you even restricted to the surface of a wall despite what the name might imply. Indeed, you can use such images on bleachers, construction fences, rehabilitation projects, or even parking lots. Get your message out where it needs to be heard.

Gain an advantage over the competition by presenting your brand in a unique and unparalleled way. Binca makes sure to use the highest quality prints and products to ensure your message captivate potential customers with enticing colors. With the right message and Binca’s superior service, you make the splash you have been seeking since opening your business’ front doors.

Binca works off of referrals so often because of the fantastic customer service we provide in addition to our incredible finished products. Having worked with the likes of Ultra music festival and universities like FIU, Binca has gained incredible partnerships and is only expanding day by day to due to our unmatched dedication to those who make our business run, ie YOU. Find your all-stop, all-star display solution here at Binca and give life to your imagination at our headquarters. We look forward to hearing from you.

Acrylic Posters/Wall Murals

At Binca, we create custom print and dramatic graphics to transform your wall into a work of art, a corporate branding visual or a promotional billboard for either permanent or temporary purposes. Our large inventory of wall media gives you every option to produce the flawless finished product you have in mind.

If you are not entirely sure what you want but know what atmosphere you want to project, just ask us. Our trained and experienced staff ensures you pick the appropriate material according to the wall and environmental conditions, thus guaranteeing proper performance and prolonged durability for your graphics.

Everything we offer here at Binca is meant to last. High-quality products that stand the test of time are par for the course here because we know how important it is to create a valued relationship with our clients and customers.

When walls are uneven or deteriorated, or when you are looking for an alternative easy-to-replace option without the need for wall repairs or preparation, our new SEG tension frames are the perfect solution. Tension frames come standard with fabric graphics up to 10’ wide without seams. They are unobtrusive, simple, and present a sophisticated solution to brilliantly represent whatever image you put forth.

Acrylic Poster

Acrylic posters are a particular specialty here at Binca. We harbor a deep passion for producing artistic wall adornments that turn any space into a remarkable space of comfort, luxury, and elegance. The perfect solution for office, home, or art galleries, our acrylic posters turn even mundane walls into murals of captivating artwork.

Our posters are pristine and clear and can be molded to fit any wall or portion of the wall you decide. Whereas most services offer a very limited variety, Binca actually has unlimited options. That’s because the only limit is your imagination.

At Binca, we pride ourselves on working hand in hand with customers and clients and we provide fully customizable visual solutions to create whatever you desire. This integral business philosophy characterizes every single product and service we offer.

Whatever image you decide would make a fantastic addition to your office, let us know. Whatever picture you decide would transport visitors into customers, ask us to create. We always fully immerse ourselves in every project and are more than willing to design, create, and deliver to you the product of your dreams.

Even if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, we will still deliver an acrylic poster to exceed your expectations. Just give us the parameters, the theme, and where said product will be displayed and we will do the rest.

Whatever the scale of what you need, be that an entire floor’s worth of posters or just one for a waiting room, we are standing by to make you happy. Utilize our expertise and take advantage of our extensive experience to create a visual impression you can be proud of.

We will even install it for you. Reach out today to learn more about Miami’s premium display solutions provider.

Wall Mural Products:

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