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Media Production

From the very beginning, we have always been involved with the film industry and its producers. We understand this is not solely an industry of impressive cinematographers, but a group of magical storytellers, working under huge pressure from both time and budgets. We understand the need for a reliable source of fast, affordable quality props, signs and graphics.

Binca is designed to serve the immediate and diverse requests of this industry, providing signage and graphics for advertising shoots, TV series, red carpet events, movie sets and newsrooms. Our full in-house capabilities combine the worlds of printing and signage to memorably and rapidly create magical moments. We will print your custom floor tile designs and transform your walls into fantastic wallscapes and backdrops. We wrap your vehicles, furniture, walls, floors and ceilings, and we can also rout out custom cut pieces, logos and letters as well as any other idea that may come across a producer or director’s mind.

Some of our products for Media Production:



Talented staff will design, proof, and present unique ideas to reach your goal, no matter how challenging.



Our experienced team, cutting edge technology and versatile media, are essential in taking your project to the next level.



Exceed all expectation in production, turn around time, and quality, delivering complete satisfaction.

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