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Dye Sublimation Printing and Fabric Printing for Flags, Banners, Signs, Displays & More

Binca is the printing industry leader in dye-sublimation printing. We work with textiles 10’ wide for transferrable sublimation, including the finishings like Velcro, zippers or simply hemming.

For the layman, dye-sublimation printing offers an extraordinary and upper-scale alternative to mere inkjet printing. Ink-jet printing lays down colors as individual dots at a very close distance. Although adequate for lower scale products, Binca prides itself on the highest quality products and services that can be obtained, and it is for this reason Binca incorporates this printing technology as an integral service in its reservoir of offerings.

Our fabric printing is an unparalleled and impeccable service incomparable to anything else on the market today. Were you to peak inside a dye-sublimation printer, you would find an extended roll of transparent material akin to red, gray, yellow, and blue plastic glued together from end to end. Within that film, you would see four solid colors representing the four primary colors utilized in printing—cyan, black, yellow, and magenta.

In action, the print head heats up more and more as it passes over the film. The colors (or dyes) then vaporize and begin to penetrate the glossy side of the paper before returning to a solid state. Since the colors essentially melt into the paper, they form a gentle gradation that is more aesthetically pleasing than the sharp and defined dots produced by inkjet technology. Just as well, the color is also ultimately less prone to distortion or fading over time.

This means the fabric we print for you hs the highest possible resolution and is of the highest possible quality allowed by today’s technological parameters. We can completely custom print whatever image your heart desires with our printing techniques to ensure your display solution is downright captivating.

We supply printing services to Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Miami Beach, Hollywood, Doral & Aventura.

Fabric Printing

Fabric printing is what you think it is: printing on fabric. Dye-sublimation printing is how you transfer your images to fabric, be that on tablecloths, flags, banners, or any other fabric you believe should be imprinted with your logo or customized image.

Utilize our fabric printing services on flags, banners, counter displays, freestanding systems, custom fabric products, pillowcase displays, and more. To see a more complete list, scroll further down this page.

We also print pre-supplied images as well, and although we pride ourselves on custom solutions, we are by no means limited to them. Whatever display solution you desire, we have you covered and will do it right.

Where other competitors look to cut corners, Binca strives to deliver an exponentially higher-quality product that turns customers into lifelong loyal brand ambassadors. Our raving clients refer us new business regularly for good reason. Start your display solution journey with Binca today to see why.

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Some of the products we offer with Dye-Sublimation Fabrics are:

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